Your Automation

LOGIC, thanks to its technicians and designers, is able to realize from the single integration or upgrade of pre-existing systems, up to the most complex production line.


Together with the customer we develop the idea that orbits around the specific function and, thanks to the help of the design tools available and the experience gained over the years, we create the product they need for their business. We have also been dealing with industrial vision and robotics systems for 20 years.


Development of the prototypeusing 3D CAD instrumentation with accurate structural analysis and functionalities, such as to guarantee maximum efficiency over time and maximum optimization of available spaces.

LOGIC basic software

System suitable for programming any PLC or PC controlled machine. Based on an architecture with parallel sequences that evolve step-by-step, our basic software allows you to maximize performance and reduce development costs by over 40%.

Industrial vision

Analysis and development of completely dedicated industrial vision solutions, analysis with feasibility study and tests for both dimensional and qualitative control using, if necessary, Deep-Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on standard and / or proprietary libraries. Our visual inspection systems guarantee 0% false good and 0.3% false rejects.


Analysis and development of handling and assembly solutions using both anthropomorphic and collaborative robots. Simulations both by software tools and by direct tests in the laboratory. Self-driving robots (AIV) for both transport and enslavement of production lines and conveyor belts.